Company Profile

Tobali Putra is an established production house in Indonesia that has begun since 30th May 2006.

Tobali Putra is the second generation of Tobali Indah Film that has made its mark from 1970 to 1992 with many acclaimed pieces such as:

  • Bengawan Solo
  • Sunan Kalijaga
  • Ari Hangara
  • Pelarian Johny Indo
  • Istana Kecantikan
  • 1 Mawar 3 Duri
  • etc.

In the midst of struggle to be the best in movies and television productions, Tobali Putra consistently improving to move forward and exist.

We have been working with many TV stations in Indonesia as well as overseas. Programmes that we worked on were FTV (Telecinema), TV series, Reality show, and many more.

Our commitment is to produce a quality programme that is both good and beneficial for the film industry.

Keep on going and never give up!